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For spices, additives, flavours, seasonings and blendings 



Continous effort to ensure our product quality


“We develop partnerships with our clients and suppliers, each part involved in each other’s needs, feeling also part of their success.” 

Omega Spice , SL is a Spanish company founded in early 1998 dedicated to the manufacture of spices, additives, flavors, seasonings and blendings for the food industry located in the city of Murcia, Murcia.

We focus our service to customers whose size can exercise how local distributors of our products, so that our attention is not focused on retail but wholesale customers with a marketing strategy to establish distribution in its area of influence.

Our collaboration with them includes the development of flavors and seasonings that best suit their region so we do not have to impose our product but we are the ones who adapt our manufacturing where preferences are going to market.

Today, these strategic partnerships and the development of local products are set forth in the following geographical areas:



Just as we develop partnerships with our clients we do with our suppliers so that we are known for hiring all the raw materials of plant origin that we use (spices, herbs, seeds, dehydrated vegetables) directly to farmers or cooperatives of farmers grown for us qualities and quantities that we hired them previously.

In our effort to ensure product quality, we accept them fair price conditions while they allow us to monitor their crops and are guided by our advice so that we get the quality of product you need.

In Omega Spice, we are convinced that this has been, is and will be the key to our success: establishing lasting business relationships with suppliers and distributors in which each part involved in each other’s needs and will support its efforts, feeling also part of their success.